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5 delicious ways to eat marshmallows

These treats are great to have in the house. You'll want to make double of everything!

by: Tessa Purdon | 13 Aug 2019

Who doesn't love a marshmallow? It's one of those magical morsels that elicits the sweet nostalgia of childhood... Did you braai marshmallows over the fire? Or try to fill your mouth with as many as you could fit? Perhaps you enjoyed them at parties or as a hot chocolate topping? 

We love the soft and fluffy cloud-like texture of marshmallows. They're squishy and sweet, bringing comfort and delight to any gloomy day. Did you know that they're made with only a few simple ingredients? All it takes is egg whites, sugar and glucose. And while we love eating them straight from the packet (you do that too, right?), there are also ways of infusing them into your sweet treats. 

We're here to show you how! 

Try these the next time you have a packet of marshmallows hiding in your kitchen cupboard... 

1. Dark chocolate Peppermint Crisp fridge cake

peppermint crisp fridge cake recipe

2. 3-ingredient puff pastry S' mores waffles

smores waffles recipe

3. Easy marshmallow fondant icing

fondant icing

4. Chocolate braai pie

chocolate braai pie recipe

5. Knobbly fudged Rocky Road 

knobbly rocking road recipe

OR - make your own marshmallows with salted lime sugar!

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