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5 cookie recipes that will make your heart skip a beat

Get your oven and mixing bowls ready!

by: Jade Lawrence | 04 May 2016
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Cookies have become an absolute craze, stuffing them with all sorts of treats and goodies to enhance the eating experience!

No-one is opting for the plain old classics anymore, the bakeware has come out and the creations have gone beyond anyone’s imagination. With stuffed cookies, layered cookies baked in an oven dish, deep-pan cookies, and tarts in the form of cookies??!! What more could a sweet-tooth ask for?

Here are a few simple recipes and ideas to create a mind-blowing cookie creation!

1. Peanut butter cookies cups- use this simple peanut butter cookie recipe, roll into balls and place in a mini muffin tin and press a “mini Reese’s peanut butter cup” into the centre of each ball and bake. (you can find Reese’s peanut butter cups at Spar and Sweets from heaven)

recipe, cookies, peanut butter

2. S’mores cookies- Add 2 cups of mini marshmallows to this chocolate chip cookie recipe and your taste buds will be forever thankful!

marshmallows, sweets, treat

3. Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies- It’s so simple! Make the chocolate chip cookie mix…take an Oreo and place the cookie dough around it!

recipe, chocolate chip, cookies

4. Nutella stuffed chocolate cookies- Who doesn’t love Nutella?! Gooey chocolatey goodness enjoyed by the spoonful! Mix up this deliciously chocolatey cookie recipe, roll into balls, use your thumb to create a well in the centre and fill with Nutella, cover with another piece of cookie dough and you’re done!

recipe, chocolate, cookies, dark chocolate

5. Raspberry and lemon cookies- Add some tart flavour to your sweet lemon cookie mix, just 1 cup of frozen raspberries needed to be added to this mix to turn them into a taste sensation!

recipe, lemon, cookies

- Jade Lawrence


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