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5 comforting meat-free dishes to make this Winter

Nourish yourself this chilly season with a veggie packed dish!

07 Jun 2016
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The vegan diet consists of only plants and plant-based foods, no animal products or it's similar to vegetarianism except vegetarians do eat the animal by-products such as eggs, cheese and milk. In case you were confused about this - now you know!

According to studies, vegan diets are high in vitamin C (great for the immune system during Winter), fibre and low in saturated fat because of the high fruit and vegetable intake.

If you're not vegan, these recipes are sure to make you want to be, for at least the duration of dinner - so filling, full of flavour, comforting and healthy all in one!

Cauliflower gnocchi

recipe, cauliflower, gnocchi, vegan

2. Pasta, sweet potato and white bean casserole

recipe, pasta, sweet potatoes, beans, vegan

3. Mushroom and spinach quinoa with aubergines

recipe, mushrooms, quinoa, aubergines, vegan, spin
Easy curried sweet potatoes

recipe, sweet potatoes, curry, vegan

5. Wild mushroom risotto

recipe, mushrooms, risotto, vegan


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