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5 Chocolate recipes that will make your Easter ooze with happiness

Hop on over to the kitchen and whip up a chocolatey treat!

by: Jade Lawrence | 14 Mar 2017
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Everybody loves a good Easter egg hunt, a time to indulge and treat yourselves and have a little fun!

However, change is good right? Something different, yet still along the lines of delectable goodness. Chocolate is probably a regular in your house this time of year, hidden in the highest kitchen cupboard where you have to avoid over-indulgence and the prying hands of the kids!

Try these delicious chocolatey recipes to please all the sweet-teeth at your Easter party/get-together or family gathering, whatever the event may be.

1. Get ready to impress everyone with this Baked Nutella chocolate torte.

recipe, cake, chocolate, bake, easter

2. Not a raisin lover? tired of picking out those pesky little buggers in order to enjoy the oh-so-good traditional hot cross buns? Bake these choc-chip hot cross bun loaves and enjoy them without the hassle!

recipe, chocolate, easter

3. Enjoy these guilt-free Paleo Easter eggs, coconut and chocolate. who could refuse?!

recipe, bake, cupcakes, easter

4. These decadent Easter blondies are the perfect Easter treat!

recipe, bake, cupcakes, easter

5. Get the kids to help you make some chocolate Easter nest cupcakes, so easy to bake and loads of fun for the little ones!

recipe, bake, cupcakes, easter

- Jade Lawrence


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