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5 Banting treats for Low Carb Wednesday

by: Uhuru Plaatjies | 18 Oct 2017
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Every week without fail, I find myself losing the plot with my diet. When Wednesday rolls around, I'm already over the healthy eating and the cravings start kicking in. What is a girl who is on a mission to stay healthy to do? The secret is planning it all. This Wednesday not only will I be ready to tackle my meals but I'll also stay on point with my diet. You can join me as well, with these five meals to have for Low Carb Wednesday. 

And let's admit it, there's no better Low Carb diet like a Banting friendly diet.

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Caramelized onion and Feta omelette

round up, low cab, banting, wednesday

Beetroot crisps

round up, low cab, banting, wednesday

Spinach, leek and feta tart with sweet potato crust

round up, low cab, banting, wednesday

Berry popsicles

round up,wednesday,banting,low cab

Sundried tomato soup

round up, low cab, banting, wednesday

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