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4 Ways to fire up your humdrum fishcakes

Our handy tips to make your fishcakes even more fantastic.

22 Mar 2018
fish cakes, fishcakes, recipes

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Toss out those old fish cake recipes for tasty patties that are way more fabulous. We encourage you to try a few of these suggestions or play around with your own classics. 

fish cakes, fishcakes, recipes

1.  Use flavourful fish

Make sure your fish can stand up to being tossed around in a bowl with other ingredients. A cheap and cheerful fish is usually canned tuna, but fresh fish from your local shop can be a nice alternative. Smoked fish adds a little power as does salmon, hake and haddock. 

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Haddock fishcakes 

Hake fishcakes 

Cheese filled fishcakes 

2. Spice it up

Ouma's recipe is definitely delicious, but sometimes a fusion of comforting and contemporary can be where it's at.  

Try these recipes: 

Salmon and wasabi fishcakes

Lightly spiced fishcakes

Bite-sized curried fishcakes 

fish cakes, fishcakes, recipes

3. Know your fish source

Sustainable is best. Check the SASSI list of which fish are on the green list, giving you the go-ahead to feel even better about your dinner!

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The best salmon fishcakes 

Smashed pea and trout fishcakes

fish cakes, fishcakes, recipes

4. Cut the juice

No one likes a soggy meal, especially a wet fish cake that just doesn't have any crunchy texture. Make sure you drain as much liquid as the recipe calls for. If you are unsure, save the liquids in a glass on the side and add later. 

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