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4 Unconventional but super tasty ways to cook with chocolate

Because you don't only have chocolate as a treat.

by: Uhuru Plaatjies | 05 Jul 2017
chocolate,meals,easy weekday meals,dessert,recipes

What’s a better way to celebrate International Chocolate Day than with loads of chocolate? We know when you think of chocolate you think of sweet treats and dessert but chocolate isn't limited to all things sweet. It can be complimentary to a savoury dish too, adding a richness and subtle sweetness, like the second recipe featured below.

Here are 4 recipes that use chocolate in a less conventional way - try them out this International Chocolate Day.

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Sweet omelette with figs and brandy chocolate sauce
Elevate your breakfast experience with this omelette! Who said it's too early for a little bit of alcohol and a chocolate fix?

Chilli chocolate lamb chop
Delightful basting, anyone? This might come as a surprise, but here’s a tasty way to spice up your meat and we’re not just talking about the chilli.

chocolate,meals,easy weekday meals,dessert,recipes

Chocolate Taco dessert
Tacos are always a favourite Mexican dish, but with chocolate it’s a brand new experience. Using fruit as the toppings, this dessert taco is bound to thrill the taste buds.

chocolate,meals,easy weekday meals,dessert,recipes

Chocolate avocado filled cannelloni

We all know and love the filled pasta rolls, cannelloni, but this chocolate version sure sets the bar high. And with a chocolate and avocado filling!

chocolate,meals,easy weekday meals,dessert,recipes

Do you know of any interesting chocolate dishes? Comment below!

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