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4 Simple dinner recipes where everything is cooked in a parcel

Have you ever tucked your food into a neat parcel and popped it in the oven? Here's why you should.

by: Barbara Mugo | 12 Apr 2019
4 Parcel recipes to make those long days even shor

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Open up that tightly closed parcel and smell the wafts of aromatic steam, turning chilly Autumn evenings into a rather comforting culinary affair. 

Cooking food in parchment paper is a classic technique that the French call 'en papillote' and the Italians call 'al cartoccio', where the food is neatly folded into a little pouch or parcel and then baked. And it's the steam trapped inside that does the cooking. 

A few reasons why you'll love this style of cooking: 

1. It keeps the food juicy and moist (from the steam).

2. It amps up the flavour - without having to add fats or too much seasoning.

3. You can pop the parcel in the oven and forget about it for a few minutes. 

4. It makes for beautiful presentation at the table where guests can each open their 'surprise parcel'.

Note: If you don't have parchment paper, you can use sweet corn husks, phyllo pastry or even grape leaves in which to steam your meal.

Now try your hand at some of these recipes!

Stuffed chicken breast parcels

Take the stress out of cooking with these succulent chicken breasts, stuffed with a delicious spinach surprise for a quick and easy dinner meal.

Stuffed chicken breasts

Asian-inspired salmon trout parcels

Be transported to Asia with these salmon trout parcels wrapped in the perfect combination of aromatic coriander, chilli and zesty lime juice.

Asian inspired salmon trout parcels

Vegetable parcel

These Mediterranean-inspired parcels are great for meat-free Mondays.

Vegetable parcels

Tequila chicken parcels with roasted tomato salsa

Serve these boozy Tequila chicken parcels in a smokey roasted tomato salsa that is bound to impress your guests.

Tequila chicken parcels with tomato salsa


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