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4 Low carb Heritage Day desserts that will make you swoon

Forget traditional milk tarts and peppermint crisps, we've got better in store for you and it's low carb too!

20 Sep 2017
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These treats are perfect in every sense - they're ridiculously tasty with the added bonus that you can munch away without too much guilt because they're...dun dun dun... low carb!

With flavours ranging from rooibos tea to milk tart inspired sundaes, you'll be getting a fresh new modern take on some of South Africa's iconic desserts. 

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Rooibos tea and blueberry panna cotta with nut butter caramel sauce

lchf,heritage day braai, recipes,dessert recipes,

Chocolate, orange and nut butter lamingtons with whipped coconut cream

lchf,heritage day braai, recipes,dessert recipes,

Berry cheesecake frozen yoghurt popsicles

lchf,heritage day braai, recipes,dessert recipes,

Milk tart sundaes

lchf,heritage day braai, recipes,dessert recipes,


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