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4 Great potjie tips to feed a crowd and stretch your Rands this month

We have 4 potjie tips to see you through to the end of the month without compromising your social time.

by: Robyn Brittow | 06 Jan 2020
4 Great potjie tips to feed a crowd and stretch yo

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The month of January feels endless. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the depth of our pockets. Being on a budget doesn’t have to limit your quality time spent around the fire enjoying a lekker potjie with friends and family.

Follow our easy tips and try these amazing recipes for a great budget friendly potjie.

1. Purchase cheaper cuts of meat

You don’t need to use expensive cuts of meat like fillet for stewing, so rather opt for cuts such as stewing meat, goulash and knuckles.  

2. Share the cost

If you're hosting the evening and can afford to, offer to get the meat and let your friends and family bring the veggies, rice or booze.

 3. Get everyone to RSVP

Make sure everyone confirms their attendance. This way you won’t overspend and purchase unnecessary ingredients.

4. Allow vegetables to be the star of the show

Add as many veggies as you can, this not only adds variety but bulks up your pot to feed more people (and requires less meat).

Venison mock potjie

Venison mock potjie

Quick potjie mussels in a green curry sauce

Curried lamb potjie with onion flatbread

lamb curry potjie with onion flatbread

Mushroom potjie

Oxtail potjie

Beef and beer potjie with dumplings

Beef and beer potjie with dumplings


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