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4 Chocolatey gifts to wow your Dad with for Father’s Day

For all the sweet-toothed Dads out there, Food24 has the perfect homemade gift ideas that will not only warm his heart but warm his belly as well.

by: Robyn Brittow | 11 Jun 2018
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Make these thoughtful, budget-friendly chocolate gifts to spoil your Dad with this Father’s day.

Nutella hot chocolate truffles

The hazelnut flavoured chocolate balls are the perfect gift to make for your Dad as he doesn’t have to spend a cent, going to a fancy coffee shop for that gourmet hot chocolate. This is ideal to keep at his desk at work or on call when he wants an after dinner treat!

hot chocolate nutella truffles

Hot chocolate test tubes.

This one is for all the Dad’s on-the-go when the morning rush hits and he doesn’t have time to measure spoonfuls of hot chocolate powder, these test tubes will save the day!  Simply add a cup of hot water or hot milk for desired taste.

 hot chocolate test tubes

Hot chilli chocolate spoons

For the Dad’s who prefer something with more of a spicy kick, these hot chilli chocolate spoons make for a great afternoon pick-me-up and don’t look homemade at all.

hot chocolate chilli spoons

White chocolate and cinnamon milk tart inspired tartlets

For white chocolate lovers, these milk tart inspired tartlets are absolutely delicious. If you don’t feel like baking for your Dad this Father’s day this recipe will save the day!

white chocolate and cinnamon milk tart inspired ta

These recipes are quick and easy to follow even kid's can make them! Happy Father's Day to all our wonderful Fathers.


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