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3 Cremora tart recipes you didn't know you needed

An iconic retro classic that we think deserves to be revisited!

by: Tessa Purdon | 21 Jun 2019
cremora in coffee cup

"It's not inside, it's on top" is arguably one of the most well-known catchphrases in South Africa. The advert that made it famous was screened on TVs across the land and put the humble coffee creamer firmly on the map.  

Cremora is a non-dairy based powder produced by Nestle and has been a favourite milk substitute for decades, way before cortados or siphon coffee even existed. And then people loved it so much, they started cooking with it. Your grandparents might recall an era in which Cremora tart was a dish found on many a dessert table. Through the years, this budget-friendly treat has evolved into somewhat of a South African classic. 

Today, we're sharing three of our most popular Cremora tart recipes.  

Take a look! 

 Coffee and Cremora tart topped with orange slices

chocolate cremora tart

Cremora tart with puréed strawberries

cremora tart

Pineapple Cremora tart

cremora tart recipe


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