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25 Lunch ideas to keep kids' tummies happy during the holidays

A mega compilation of mouth-watering lunch ideas to treat your child.

02 Oct 2018
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School holidays can be difficult for parents; organising activities for the kids or finding suitable holiday care while they work. The weekly routine is interrupted this time of year again, but for many, the lunch preparations don't stop. The kids still have to eat, and often they're after more exciting meals since its their 'time off' after all!

Ultimately they're after fun meals, and many little ones will want to join in the kitchen activities, especially when it comes to baking.

We’ve compiled a lengthy list to help take the stress out of coming up with things to cook. Many of these meals are easy as well and suitable for cooking with your child.

1.Beef and goat's cheese jaffles

2.Bacon, cheese and mushroom quesadillas

3.Turkey BLT club sandwich with jalapeno mayo

4.Bruschetta with grilled marinated peppers

5.Beef burgers

6.Ostrich burger on a sweet potato bun

7.Candied tomato bruschetta with ricotta and goat’s cheese

kids,school holidays,bakes,recipes, food24

8.Leek and bacon chicken pot pies

9.Falafel with spicy tahini yoghurt

kids,school holidays,bakes,recipes, food24

10.Juicy steak and cheese stacked sandwiches

11.Quick roast beef chimichanga

12.Mini chicken pies

13.Scandi-style open toasts

14.Chicken korma naan bread pizza

15.Chicken mayo cheese melts

kids,school holidays,bakes,recipes, food24

16.Chunky tomato ginger chutney on steak sarmies

17.Township burgers with atchar, ham and egg

18.Avocado and roquefort toasted sandwiches

19.Cucumber sandwiches with mustard butter

20.Mustard steak sandwiches

21.Spicy chickpea wraps

22.Pita pizza

23.Cheese and bacon tortillas

24.Asian chicken balls


Treats for in between lunches:

The lightest lemon squares

kids,school holidays,bakes,recipes, food24

Choc chip ice cream cookie sandwiches

Fruit and nut chocolate fudge

kids,school holidays,bakes,recipes, food24

Fruit galette

Homemade Jolly Jammers


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