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25 Recipes to get you through Easter entertaining this weekend

"Let the eat-a-thon commence" , says Tessa Purdon.

by: Tessa Purdon | 17 Apr 2019

Given up anything for Lent this year? If so, you’re almost at the finish line! Easter has snuck up on us and like any chocolate lover knows, it's time to change gears and enter chocolate nirvana.

I’ve shared our 10 baking ideas for the holidays and now we’re turning up the heat and going full-throttle Easter food! And no – I’m not just talking chocolate.

If you’re in the Cape – you’ll be familiar with the tradition of eating pickled fish on Good Friday. Many people are baffled by this custom so I’ll give a brief explanation…

Back in the old days when there was no refrigeration, the fishermen that worked out at sea around the peninsula would preserve their abundant Summer catch by pickling the fish in a vinegary, sour, sweet pickle. It’s often eaten with (or on) hot cross buns. If this has been a busy week for you, we’ve got a quick and easy last-minute pickled fish recipe for you to try at home.

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What is Easter without eggs? And no, again I don't mean chocolate eggs. Gather your crew and whip up one of these savoury eggy breakfasts:

Polenta egg cups

Eggs Benedict

Spicy baked eggs with oat flapjacks

Potato frittata with paprika and chilli

Cheesy French toast

When it comes to meat, there’s no question that lamb is the way to go for a traditional Easter. How about one of these for your family lunch or dinner?

Slow roasted lamb schwarma

Roast leg of lamb with garlic

roast lamb

Greek-style lamb burgers

Thyme and oregano lamb

Lamb and eggplant pita

Lamb Kleftiko

Easy-to-carve lamb shoulder

Finally – the pièce de résistance of any Easter holiday comes in the form of sweet sugary chocolate!

Here is a list of our favourite Easter treats:

Chocolate Easter egg fridge tart

chocolate easter tart recipe

Chocolate fudge bars

Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes


Mini Simnel cakes

White chocolate mousse and lemon curd-filled Easter eggs

Easter bunny biscuits

Chocolate marshmallow pops

5-ingredient chocolate Peppermint Crisp fridge cake

peppermint crisp fridge bars

Easter skillet cookie

easter skillet cookie recipe

Pink Easter funfetti cake with creme fraiche icing

Low carb chocolate cake

Chocolate mousse and lemon curd-filled egg cups

See more luscious Easter recipes!


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