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20 Waterless recipes that will ensure you save every drop in your kitchen

Capetonians - reduce the amount of H2O you're cooking with and try a recipe that's 'water-free'! Pin this list and send it to a friend or neighbour.

23 Jan 2018

If you're in the Western Cape, chances are you look back on those days of taking relaxing long soaks in the bathtub with a real wistfulness.

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Soon, we're going to feel the same way about showering and if 25 Litres a day is going to be all we've got, well we're going to need to get cunningly frugal with every last drop. 

In the kitchen, it means drastically reducing (or even eliminating!) the volume of water with which you cook. We've rounded up a list of 20 delicious and drool-worthy recipes that don't require any water in their preparation. 

Take a look!


Basic Muesli

Avocado and berry smoothie

Refined sugar-free banana chai muffins

Banana, strawberry and bacon French toast skewers


Baked broccoli and chicken

Classic beef burgers with monkey gland sauce

Quinoa and spinach falafel

Crumbed pork chops with apple sage mash

Smoked snoek and spinach phyllo pie


Tomato casserole

Duck fat potato galette with biltong salt

Roast butternut and Swiss chard barley risotto

Stuffed, baked sweet potatoes

Whole roast cauliflower cheese with almond crumble


Frying pan brownies

Spiced pear and chocolate strudel

Plum and cinnamon cake

4-ingredient chocolate truffles

Baked caramel pudding


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