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16 Uncomplicated recipes to share with your loved ones who don't usually cook

Because sometimes you just want someone you love to make you a meal.

13 Mar 2018
recipes, easy cooking

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If you are the person who loves to cook in your house, it's usually a pleasure.  We love our partners, husbands, wives, children and flatmates, but, sometimes it's nice to have a few recipes that can be made by someone else in your household.

Encourage and empower your loved ones to feel like a chef with these easy-to-make, delicious to eat recipes and you'll be overwhelmed by how impressive your dinners will be. Or just send the link quietly and hopefully they'll get your gist. 

salad, recipes, easy cooking


Pasta is such a winner when it comes to making quick and easy meals. The most basic is olive oil or butter, garlic, salt and pepper, but if you want to really impress your loved ones try your hand at these very simple recipes.

1. Beefy macaroni and cheese - hearty and saucy.

2. Creamy tagliatelle - cheesy and starchy.

3. Salsa verde pasta - zesty and fresh. 

4. Spaghetti with broccoli and avo - light and healthy.

salad, recipes, easy cooking


After a long day at work, or a weekend of heavy eating, a salad hits the spot. These two are sure winners and require little assembly. 

5. Chicken Caesar salad - classic and creamy.

6. Beetroot avo and pea salad - bright and bold. (buy already cooked beetroot to make it even easier)

recipes, easy cooking


Chicken is a weekday essential, filling, and can be added to any dish that might need some extra protein.

7. Cheesy chicken pizza - quick and crowd pleasing. 

recipes, easy cooking

8.  The perfect roast chicken - flavourful and fantastic.

9.  Chicken mayo cheese melts - easy and delicious. 

recipes, easy cooking


A braai is always a brilliant way to cook simple and flavourful meat, but you can also do it quickly in your kitchen.

10. Boerewors cassoulet - traditional and filling.

11. Braai quiche - great for leftovers!

recipes, easy cooking


Cut, dice, slice and lather up veggies in oil, pop in the oven and this will be your new go to at least 1 time a week. Buy precut veggies if you don't want to chop. Or make one of these healthy recipes below.

12. Kale chips - snacky and crunchy.  

recipes, easy cooking

13. Sunshine roast vegetables - straightforward and scrumptious. 

14. Hearty lentil stew - protein packed and soul-warming.

recipes, easy cooking


Baked fruit is so easy and great for over ripened peaches, pears, apples, or anything else you have in the fridge.

15. Nectarine tray bake tart - fruity and sweet.

16. Warm peaches with honey - decadent and delicious.

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