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13 Oat recipes that will give your breakfast the makeover it deserves

Tired of monotonous oats every morning?

by: Robyn Brittow | 23 Jan 2019
13 Oat recipes that will give your breakfast the m

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Oats are great for your heart's health and fills you up right until lunch time. From oat flapjacks topped with spicy baked eggs to tea time treats, there’s almost nothing this breakfast cereal can’t do! We’ve got just the recipes that will transform your favourite breakfast into mouth-watering dishes for every day of the week.

Say goodbye to your stodgy oats and hello to these fantastic brekkies.

Spicy baked eggs with oat flapjacks

Oats serve a gluten free base for these delicious pancakes served with spicy baked eggs.

spicy baked eggs with oat flapjacks

Apple and walnut baked oatmeal

Having oats for breakfast couldn't be easier and this baked oatmeal can feed the whole family.

blueberry and walnut oatmeal

Cranberry and pumpkin seed muesli

Add some excitement to your muesli with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and crunchy peanuts.

Gluten free seed loaf

Perfect with a slice of cheese, avocado and a poached egg.

Gluten free seed bread

Oat and seed breakfast muffins

Tea time

If you’re not a breakfast eater and prefer a rusk or biscuit during your tea time instead oats has your back.

Chocolate fudge squares

Who knew you could make fudge with oats!

chocolate fudge squares

No bake chocolate and oat cookie cups

If you're craving a delicious pick-me up look no further, these no bake chocolate oat cookie cups are here to save the day.

chocolate treats

Cranberry and white chocolate crunchies

Who doesn't love a good crunchie? Make a batch to take a few along with you to work for your tea time snack.


Muesli rusks

It's the best of both worlds with these muesli rusks, perfect for those who love a quick grab and go breakfast with their coffee!

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