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13 Ways with mushrooms you never thought of trying

Take your mushrooms to the next level this week!

by: Jade Lawrence | 05 Jun 2017

A great source of Vitamin D and B-vitamins makes the mushroom a great meal stretcher and side dish - they're so meaty no one will know you added a secret veg into your meaty meal.

Don't just stick to the classic mushroom sauce or the good old garlic mushrooms sauteed in butter, try something new, something a bit more hearty!

Make use of your punnet of mushrooms in a different way, you'll have your family/guests screaming for more!

1. Porcini pasta

recipe, pasta, mushrooms, porcini

2. Mushroom moussaka 

recipe, moussaka, mushrooms

3. Exotic mushroom and bacon paté

recipe, pate, mushrooms, spread, bacon

4. Breakfast sliders

recipe, breakfast, mushrooms, sliders

5. Creamy exotic mushroom soup

recipe, soup, mushrooms, exotic, winter

6. Wild mushroom and goat’s cheese toast

recipe, mushrooms, toast, wild mushrooms, goat che

7. Spicy mushroom nachos

recipe, mushrooms, spicy, nachos

8. Creamed mushroom and chive omelette

recipe, omlette, mushrooms, breakfast

9. Gourmet braai mushrooms

recipe, mushrooms, braai

10. Bruschetta with brown mushrooms, peppers and coriander pesto

recipe, bruschetta, mushrooms, peppers

11. Wild mushroom risotto

recipe, wild mushrooms, risotto

12. Mushroom, Cheddar and corn wraps

recipe, wraps, mushrooms, cheddar, corn

13. Mushroom and truffle arancini with pea purée

recipe, arancini, mushrooms, truffle, peas

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