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12 Recipes to enjoy over the last few days of Summer

Featuring lovely dishes like grilled zucchini flatbreads, prawn and chorizo skewers and more...

20 Mar 2017

(Image by Heinstirred - grilled zucchini and flatbreads)

As of today, Autumn has officially begun. You may have felt that nights have started to get a bit cooler, but the sun isn't done with us yet, and judging by the warm weather happening this week, we should indulge as much as possible in the last few days of Summer.

This of course means indulging in Summery foods too, as you relax by the pool, or at the beach, or anywhere outdoors be it in your back garden, or balcony. And so we have compiled a seriously tasty list of dishes that are suitable for those last remaining balmy evenings or lazy afternoon lunches.

1. Flatbreads with grilled zucchini - grilled zucchini and flat breads go hand in hand with Summer. Tip: you can put the zucchini on the braai if you have a clean grid.

2. Mediterranean tuna salad - this one's also good for the lunchbox.

Bibby's kitchen

3. Lamb and eggplant pita - lovely Middle Eastern flavours.


4. Sticky chicken with Asian salad - a really simple dish that makes for a wonderfully light and fresh lunch.


5. Prawns and chorizo with salsa verde pasta salad - this dish is bursting with flavour and offers a rich, buttery taste that makes magic with fresh watercress and squeezed lemon.


6. Roast pepper and fennel salad with orange dressing - deliciously fresh and carb free.


7. Beef fillet with sweet potato wedges - a classic that pleases every time, and the sweet potato makes this a low carb option.

8. Smoked chicken pasta salad with chipotle mayo dressing - this dish is ideal for a picnic and the chipotle adds a great kick.

9. Lemon and blueberry fizz - refreshing, zesty and alcohol free.


10. Berry cheesecake frozen yoghurt popsicles - this is the ultimate low carb summer dessert, you won't believe they're guilt free!

11. Jenny Morris's prawn and nectarine-filled rice Vietnamese Spring rolls - these make for a great snack for the beach or a picnic.

12. BBQ cauliflower nuggets with a sour cream and chive dip - this is great for vegetarians who crave that BBQ flavour.


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