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11 Seafood recipes for when you've had enough of chicken

Paella, marinated grilled fish, mussels in white wine and more!

by: Chanté Felix | 26 Jan 2017
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A vibrant dish of seafood, be it salmon, prawns, haddock, oysters or mussels, offers a glorious alternative for chicken and red meat.

Seafood can be classified as any edible animal living under the sea and beside it being satisfyingly toothsome (when cooked right) it comes with a plethora of health benefits!

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Celeb chef, Jamie Oliver, shared two tips for buying seafood, on his blog. He says that you should get to know your fishmonger so that you'll be comfortable asking for advice as to what's local and sustainable. The second tip is to eat the fish on the day that it's bought, unless you're planning to ferment it (pickling, smoking etc).

Check out these gorgeous seafood recipes - perfect for Summer!

1. Paella

2. Festive prawns on the braai

3. 3-minute microwave pesto fish

Prawn bake with feta and fennel-chilli butter

Marinated grilled fish with tomato and mango salsa

6. Mussels in white wine and garlic with frites.

7. Teriyaki tuna steaks with sautéed greens

8. Fishcakes with barley salad and lemon drizzle

9. Salt and pepper calamari

10. Prawn, calamari and avocado salad

11. Honey and soy glazed salmon

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