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11 Genius kitchen hacks to make your life easier

Kitchen hacks to make your cooking experience a whole lot easier.

by: Jade Lawrence | 20 Apr 2017
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Want to get rid of kitchen clutter? unused space that could actually be turned into storage? Keep reading!

Not only have we all thrown away useful leftovers, have cupboards stacked to the top-not knowing where to look first and wondering in the back of your mind if the house rodent has made a new home between the high stacked goodies in your cupboard, who knows? There is always a solution, even if you have the tiniest of kitchens!

We have compiled a list of kitchen storage hacks as well as general hacks that might come in handy in your kitchen:

1. Always looking for the lid to your plastic container? In the process we end up throwing out all the plasticware onto the kitchen floor hoping for the best! Well, all you need is an old CD rack (or a few-if you a Tupperware collector)- lay it down flat and put a lid in each opening, arrange them according to size to make your life easier.

2. Too many spices and too little space, open space on the side of your fridge? get some small containers and magnets and labels/sharpie pen and get to work. Empty spices into the containers stick a magnet onto the back of the container, write the spice name on the lid or label and you're done! Put them onto the side of your fridge and they'll be within reach all the time!

3. Struggling to cover leftovers with that pesky old clingwrap that sticks to everything except the surface it needs to be on?! Just store it in the refrigerator and these problems will be solved.

4. Use boiled water to fill ice tray for clear ice-cubes, tap water results in cloudy ice cubes.

5. In the mood to make the deliciously moist cookies you've been craving all day, but dreading the 2 day old semi-moist/hard cookies? Store your moist bakes in a Tupperware with an apple wedge - the cookies will absorb the moisture from the apple, just remember to replace the apple wedge every few days.

6. If you want to know whether your eggs are fresh or not - fill a bowl with water and drop your egg in. If it sinks, you’re good to go. If it floats the rather crack it open and check for any funky smells or dispose.

7. Have leftover wine you're not going to drink? Pour it into a ice tray and freeze! The cubes can be used in stews, soups and sauces or to keep a glass of wine cool without diluting it!

8. Throw 2 or 3 marshmallows into your brown sugar container to keep it from becoming rock hard.

9. We all experience this one time or another, trying to elegantly sprinkle salt over your boiling soup or stew but end up emptying most of the container contents by accident. Rather add in a whole, peeled potato and wait for it to boil. Once the potato is boiled, remove it and voila! Salt levels restored to normal.

10. A ceramic bowl or cup is the perfect substitute for when you don't have the proper knife sharpening equipment. Use the rough part at the bottom and run the blade against it.

11. Simply peel a mango with a glass to avoid wastage - cut the four portions off around the pip, hold the mango slice in the palm of your hand and make sure the skin is on the outside of the glass and the flesh on the inside, run the mango slice downward and it will separate with no mess and no wastage!

Check out this video on "4 foods you are peeling wrong" great food hacks for the kitchen! (via Buzzfeed)


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