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11 Butternut dishes that will have your tummy rumbling

Its a South African favourite and is so versatile.

by: Jade Lawrence | 26 Jan 2017
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We all refer to the butternut as a vegetable, but in actual fact it is a fruit even though we treat it like a vegetable, and certainly don't eat it raw.

With a nuttier flavour than that of pumpkin the butternut is a winner as a side dish, especially the classic boiled/roasted butternut with a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top, which is a combination that is nostalgic for many of us. But that is not all the orange fruit is good for, there are so many other dishes in which you can incorporate the butternut includeing soups, stews, dessert, pastas and bakes.

Try one of our hearty butternut recipes:

1. Roast butternut and Swiss chard barley risotto

recipe, butternut, roast, risotto, swiss chard

2. Roast butternut and lentil bobotie

recipe, butternut, roasted, bobotie, lentils

3. Thai butternut and coriander soup

recipe, butternut, thai, coriander, soup, winter

4. Roasted butternut falafel

recipe, falafel, butternut, vegetarian, roast

5. Gluten-free butternut lasagne

recipe, gluten-free, butternut, lasagne

6. Butternut and sweet potato gnocchi

recipe, butternut, sweet potato, gnocchi

7. Coriander roasted butternut

recipe, butternut, roast, coriander

8. Butternut and onion au gratin

recipe,butternut, gratin, onion

9. Butternut and cinnamon fritters

recipe, butternut, cinnamon, fritters

10. Butternut ”linguine” with blue cheese sauce, crispy bacon and sage

recipe, butternut, blue cheese, bacon, sage

 11. Quick ravioli with butternut, rocket and pine-nut filling

recipe, ravioli, rocket, butternut, pine-nu



- Jade Lawrence

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