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10 moreish ways to enjoy your favourite chocolate bars

by: Ilse Kleinsmidt | 02 Apr 2020
Chocolate Bars

Many of us are frequent visitors of the sweets aisle – so much so that we could recall the selections from memory. But old favourites can always be given a new spin. Conjure up these recipes using the drool-worthy chocolate bars you grab off the shelf. 


The creamy texture, decadent taste and subtle aroma of cocoa in Lindt Swiss chocolates make it a perfect ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes. Enjoy it alongside breakfast waffles, as a pancake filling, in chocolate cream pies or as a sauce paired with steak. 

We love: Lindt dark chocolate coffee brownies 


The melt-in-your-mouth smooth caramel and nougat centre and thick layer of milk chocolate makes Bar-One a chocolate bar that easily enhances any sweet recipe. Think cheesecakes, cupcakes, tarts, and more!  

We love: Bar-One Amarula tennis biscuit chocolate torte 

Bar-One cupcakes 


The bite-sized, creamy toffee-filled chocolate cups have inspired many decadently delicious recipes. We love popping them into the centre of cookies and cupcakes for a gooey bite. This Rolo pastry braid is also a treat! 



This classic with its honeycomb centre that dissolves on your tongue is a taste and texture explosion. Make it yourself with this recipe for homemade Crunchie chocolate bars, or go for a crowd-pleasing favourite of honeycomb cheesecake frozen yoghurt


Milky Bar 

Melted Milky Bar is famous for its dipping potential – everything from strawberries to cherries are better with white chocolate. But it’s also delicious when drizzled onto chocolate bark and infused in shortbread. Plus, it pairs well with cake pops and complements bread-and-butter pudding. Also create tasty truffles, cheesecake, cruffins, white-chocolate custard pots, and poached pears with white chocolate sauce



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