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10 Scrumptious omelettes we recommend you indulge in this weekend

Including lip-smacking savoury and sweet fillings for the ultimate breakfast bonanza!

by: Chanté Felix | 23 Feb 2017
omelettes, eggs, breakfast, recipes, food24

The butter rapidly melts as you spoon a few sticks into a hot pan, you quickly pour in some vigorously-beaten eggs and so begins the journey of best breakfast on a Saturday morning...

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Fluffy omelettes, oozing with cheese and other indulgent bits and pieces can instantly transform your breakfast to ordinary to eggs-traordinary as these, once again, demonstrate the versatility of the humble egg.  

While it can be quite intimidating to master the art of perfecting an omelette, there are a few things that might make it easier for you.

1. Use a non-stick pan, it will make it so much easier. 

2. Options for fillings are pretty much endless and you can add just what your tummy desires (or what your fridge contains!). Fillings should be prepared and cooked beforehand so that it’s all ready to go when you need to add it in.

3. Wait until it’s just firm enough to flip because you don’t want to dry it out.

4. Always keep in mind that it is best served immediately. 

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Pizza omelette (low carb, wheat-free)

Broccoli and feta omelette with toast

Bacon and Brie deep omelette

Italian omelette

Mozzarella and mushroom omelette

Mexican omelette

Ricotta, spinach and caramelised leeks omelette

Creamed mushroom and chive omelette

Sweet omelette with figs and brandy chocolate sauce

omelettes, eggs, breakfast, recipes, food24

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