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10 Lekker low carb braai sides that will rock your weekend

Grain-free garlic and herb stuffed mini buns, pumpkin skin chips with basil mayo and more lip-smacking carb conscious eats. Dig in!

by: Pumelela Ntsezo | 08 Sep 2017

(image: Illanique van Aswegen)

Going to a braai when you are on a low carb (or any!) diet can be quite stressful. You may not want to insult the host by refusing the sides they offer you but you also don't want to come across as annoying when you bring something only you can eat. And if you're a host, the stressful part for you, is catering for every single person's specific dietary needs.

Worry not though, we have a list of our favourite low carb braai sides that everyone will love, not just those Banting or on other diets. 

1. Basil pesto zucchini noodles


2. Low carb garlic and herb stuffed mini buns 
3. Baby marrow noodles with avocado pesto

4. Hasselback courgettes with tomato salsa


5. Warm wedge salad with a creamy paprika dressing
6. Easy low carb pumpkin skin chips with basil mayo
7. ”Courgetti” with peas, pancetta and Goat’s Cheese
8. Courgette and broccoli salad  

9. Spicy baked green beans with grilled halloumi and basil

10. Cheesy LCHF flaxseed and cauliflower bread 

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