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10 recipes using the wholesome sweet potato

You can't not love this great, nutritional carbohydrate.

27 Jul 2016
sweet potato

Sweet potato has become an increasingly popular root vegetable, mostly due to recent confirmation of the spud being considered a 'good carb' (in moderation of course). This is why it was accepted into the Banting low carb diet, and from there Banters started using it to replace other 'bad' carbs. 

Whether you're Banting or not, there's no denying the goodness of a sweet potato, both in taste and nutritional value. Its thick skin makes it a wonderful veggie to roast, but you can also make sweet potato chips, bread or mash, thus it can replace the regular potato which has far less nutritional value.

Why not break away from the conventional method of eating your sweet potato by stuffing it with your favourite ingredient and make a wholesome sweet potato pocket?

We have compiled a list of great tasting sweet potato recipes for you to try:

1.Stuffed, baked sweet potatoes

sweet potato, recipes, round-up, vegetable

2.Easy curried sweet potatoes

sweet potato, recipes, round-up, vegetable

3. Cheesy stuffed sweet potato

sweet potato, recipes, round-up, vegetable

4.Sweet potatoes with goat's milk cheese

sweet potato, recipes, round-up, vegetable

5.Tuna and courgette sweet potato pocket

sweet potato, recipes, round-up, vegetable

6.Sweet potato rostis and Russians

Sweet potato, round-up, vegetables,recipes

7. Bangers and sweet potato mash

sweet potato

8. Sweet potato, mushroom and onion breakfast hash

sweet potato hash

9. Spicy sweet potato and leek soup

leek soup

10. Skinny sweet potato 'fries'

sweet potato


- Mandy Blankenberg

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