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10 recipes using different varieties of nuts

Get nuts over these recipes!

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 04 Jul 2016

Munching on a handful of assorted nuts can be beneficial for your health as they contain essential fats. They make a great snack to combat cravings and they also are brilliant additions to meals like cashews in curry or shaved almonds in a pesto pasta. They're also easily stored so storage is easy for work or home. Remember when snacking, always go for the raw nuts for the healthiest option.

Different nuts contain different nutritional benefits: almonds contain vitamin E which contributes to healthy looking skin; walnuts are rich in omega-3; Brazil nuts are good for those with a slow acting thyroid as they are rich in selenium; and the popular pecan nut helps reduce a high cholesterol.

Here are some of our recipes that keep things a bit nutty.

1. Almonds - Orange and almond torte

Nuts, recipes,round-up

2. Walnuts - Crunchies with walnuts

Nuts, recipes,round-up

3. Pine nuts - ”Courgetti” with peas, pancetta and Goat’s Cheese


4. Roasted peanuts - Nutty crunch biscuits

Nuts, recipes,round-up

5. Mixed nuts - LCHF chocolate and coconut fudge

Nuts, recipes,round-up

6. Pecan nuts - Sweet potato pecan breakfast bake

Nuts, recipes,round-up

7. Pecan nuts - Caramel popcorn ice cream cake

Nuts, recipes,round-up

8. Pecan nuts - Irresistible pecan pies

Nuts, recipes,round-up

9. Pecan nuts - Chicken, quinoa and courgette salad

Nuts, recipes,round-up

10. Pecan nuts - Nutty courgette loaf

Nuts, recipes,round-up

- Mandy Blankenberg

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