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Celebrate World Vegan Day with these 10 tasty recipes

31 Oct 2017

November 1st marks off an important day for vegans worldwide. It is World Vegan Day and there’s no other way to celebrate than to keep it meat, dairy and egg-free. We’ve compiled a few recipes that you and everybody else can try out. You never know, it could be the start of a new lifestyle.

1. Vanilla French toast

2. Homemade almond milk

3. Chocolate velvet smoothie bowls

4. Tuscan white bean pizza

5. Hearty spiced vegetable curry

6. Death by chocolate

7.  Easy curried sweet potatoes

8. Choc mint tart

9. Mexican hot chocolate and churros

10.    Vegan chocolate and date caramel bars

Let us know your favourite Vegan dishes!

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