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10 Lip-smacking burgers you have to try on game days this World cup

Those nail-biting soccer matches are bound to make you hungry, these burgers are here to save the day!

by: Robyn Brittow | 12 Jun 2018
world cup burgers

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Conquer the hunger and have a feast with these delicious juicy burger recipes. If you are hosting a game day have a build your own burger station which will be fun, and save you from having to make everyone’s burger to their preference this way everyone wins.  

1. Homemade gourmet burgers

Forget your favourite burger joint and recreate your own gourmet burger from the comfort of your own home.

gourmet burgers

2. Double cheese mushroom burgers

This one is for the Banters. So delicious you don’t even miss the bread!

double mushroom burgers

3. Tikka beef burgers

This burger is so tasty and tantalizing the aroma is bound to have mouths watering!

4. Lentil burgers

For all the vegetarian these mouthwatering lentil burgers are just what you need in your life!

lentil burgers

5. Rib burgers with caramelised onions

Enjoy these rib burgers with all the flavours of ribs without having to get your hands all saucy.

6. Peri peri chicken and chorizo burgers

The way the chorizo compliments the chicken in this duo - its a match made in foodie heaven.

7. King size beef burgers

Fit for a king, designed for the hungry.

king size

8. Succulent calamari burgers

Switch things up and add this to your menu, instead of the usual beef burgers opt for this calamari burger that surely won’t disappoint!

calamari burgers

9. Lamb burgers

Who better to follow when making lamb burgers than the Greek? These Greek style burgers are going to become your new friday night dinner staple!

10. Township burgers

Nothing says soul food more than this township burger loaded with atchar, ham and eggs. 

township burgers

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