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10 glorious honey recipes to make you a little sweeter

These sweet treat honey recipes will brighten your day.

30 Sep 2016

Honey can be a great substitute for sugar or a natural ingredient to add that sweet floral, fragrant flavour to your dishes. There's a reason why Winnie the Pooh is a total honey addict. It contains powerful antioxidants, and tastes like heaven.

The golden syrup also holds anti-bacterial properties and can sooth an irritated throat or cough. Honey is also a source of energy and helps the performance of muscles by fighting fatigue. On top of that, honey can contribute to keeping your digestive system healthy. Why not switch your teaspoon of sugar in your coffee or tea, with a teaspoon of honey.

Be dazzled with these honey infused recipes:

1. Orange and almond torte

2. Honey and vanilla coconut quenelles


3. Honey infused yoghurt panna cotta

4. Cinnamon raspberry buns


5. Milk soak chocolate sheet cake

6. Brownie berry and pistachio jelly terrine


7. Semolina orange cake with rosemary soaking syrup

8. Mixed nut tartlets


9. Secret bacon flapjacks

10. Apple 'doughnuts' with tahini nut crumble


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