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10 Fantastic seasonal dishes to make before Winter ends

Cooking in season means cheaper prices and tastier produce.

by: Chanté Felix | 19 Aug 2016

Seasonal eating is pretty self explanatory - the consumption of fruit and vegetables that are currently at their peak harvest time. 

What are the benefits of seasonal eating?

It will be more gentle on your pocket - when a fruit or vegetable is in season, it grows naturally and will be available in abundance which means you will pay less for it.

You are supporting local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint - produce that’s not in season will have to travel great distances to reach your nearest supermarket or local vendor, and those that have been cultivated locally, out of season won't have the same consistency as fruit and veg in season.

The rule of thumb is that fruit and vegetables will have more flavour and superior taste if they are harvested naturally in season. According the The Guardian, this is because the produce grows in its ideal conditions, and is enjoyed by consumers shortly after it's harvested.

Here are 10 seasonal recipes that you have to try!

1. Thai coconut broccoli soup 


2. Chocolate beetroot cupcakes


3. Orange and chocolate biscuits

4. Bacon-wrapped pumpkin slices

5. Pumpkin pie waffles with orange and brandy syrup


6. Healthy zucchini brownies with avocado frosting


7. Stuffed cabbage with freekeh meatballs


And some more...
8. Pasta salad with avo and apple

9. Potato, radish, parsley and celery salad

10. Bacon and broccoli macaroni cheese

- Chante Felix

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