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10 Delectable and drool-worthy chocolate cakes to bake on World Chocolate Day

Celebrate World Chocolate Day, 7 July, by baking a classic chocolate cake.

by: Chante Felix | 06 Jul 2018
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There's something magical about the sinful decadence of baked chocolate goods that makes a celebration feel almost incomplete without the consumption of it.

Trendy flavours have come and gone but this one will always remain a classic. Out of all the variations, a thickly spread layer of rich caramel sandwiched between two fluffy layers of cocoa flavoured cake has always been my favourite. Other popular versions include chocolate mousse cake, ganache frosted, chocolate bundt cake and of course molten chocolate cake.

A simple chocolate cake is definitely one bake to master before you die. Out of the hundreds of tips that exist, we'd say these three are most important:

1. Read and follow your recipe carefully.

2. Use the best quality ingredients.

3. Resist the temptation to open the oven door every ten minutes and keep it closed until baked almost completely. 

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1. The ultimate chocolate cake

chocolate,chocolate cake,chocolate recipes,round-u

2. S’mores chocolate cake

2 Ingredient chocolate cake

Milk-soak chocolate sheet cake

chocolate,chocolate cake,chocolate recipes,round-u

Chocolate egg surprise cake

chocolate,chocolate cake,chocolate recipes,round-u

6. Vegan chocolate cake

chocolate,chocolate cake,chocolate recipes,round-u

7. Baked Nutella chocolate torte

chocolate,chocolate cake,chocolate recipes,round-u

Flourless dark chocolate cake 

Dark chocolate and coconut ganache cake

Luxe chocolate cake

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