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1 packet of mince: 24 inspirational recipes to cook with it

Mince doesn’t have to be boring – here are some new ideas.

by: Katy Rose | 02 Apr 2020
great recipes with mince

Mincemeat – usually beef, but also lamb, pork or ostrich – continues to be a firm favourite on our shopping list. After years of cooking spaghetti bolognese and lasagna, we thought it was well time to shake up mince and give it a fresh new look! 

1. Breakfast vetkoek with avocado salsa

2. Sloppy Joe casserole

Sloppy Joe casserole

3. Beef and goat's cheese jaffles

beef jaffles

4. WATCH: How to make bobotie meatloaf with banana salsa

5. Ultimate Dagwood burger

6. Beef and baby marrow koftas

Beef and baby marrow koftas

7. Curried mince in roti

8. Zola Nene's breakfast burger

9. Cabbage bobotie with tomato chutney

Cabbage bobotie

10. Quick and easy chilli con carne

11. Bite-sized vetkoek with curried ostrich mince

12. Asian-inspired beef ramen

asian ramen with beef

13. Mild beef mince samoosas

14. Thai beef mince with basil and chilli

15. Double cheeseburgers in a muffin tray

16. King size beef burgers

17. Cheesy mince quesadillas

18. Tasty Cape Malay mince curry

Mince curry

19. Beef koftas with pita bread

20. Bobotie mince kebabs with rice salad

21. Crunchy cheesy nacho burger

crunchy cheesy nacho burger

22. Pork sliders with Asian flavours

23. How to make epic meatball subs

24. Bobotie pasta with creamy chutney sauce

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