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Why you should add Mexico City to your foodie bucket list

Indulge in one taco, tamale and tequila shot at a time.

19 Mar 2019

(image: Unsplash)

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Mexico City will tantalise your travel tastebuds, with its authentic street food stalls serving up delicious tacos and a spicy Champurrado, which is a thick, spicy hot chocolate drink. There’s no excuse not to get lost in the tequila-famed city’s mouthwatering cuisine.


Mexican spiced chocolate mousse

To make the popular cocktail Mexican Mule, mix 500ml (2c) ginger ale, 500ml (2c) ginger beer and 60-125ml (¼-½c) tequila (or vodka) in a jug. Add a large handful of ice, a few lime wedges and 4 sprigs of mint.

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