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WATCH: Watermelon radish hits stores

31 Aug 2018

Watermelon seems to be the trending fruit this year, we have had watermelon steak, watermelon cake and watermelon ham.

However, watermelon radish has nothing to do with watermelon neither does it taste like watermelon.

The only similarity it has, is it bares a similar appearance to it's namesake fruit, this radish is green on the outside with a redish-pink inside.

Best enjoyed in salads this watermelon radish can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled!

Tio Gazpacho on Twitter

Watermelon ?? but make it radish ?? #rosado #tiogazpacho | ??: @alizajsokolow

Turnips Borough Market on Twitter

watermelon radish. Bit sweeter than a normal radish and quite frankly beautiful inside! #thewondersoffruitandveg

Takii Europe on Twitter

Takii's 'RED MEAT' Radish proves to be Instagram worthy and marks the beginning of the revival of radish! Since the launch by Marks and Spencer this month the so called 'Water Melon Radish' is the talk of the town. Read the full story: #watermelonradish

Dr. Lauron Kehrer on Twitter

This watermelon radish was an impulse buy but I'm so happy I got it!

The Birchwood on Twitter

watermelon [radish] + sunshine are summer essentials! ???? come see what all the hype is about! ?? #beautifulstpete #rooftopbar

If you’re a gardener at heart you can purchase your watermelon radish seeds at Living Seeds or at  Organic Seed and grow your very own watermelon radish!


Poached yellowtail with pickled radish, apple and fennel salad

Cut your apples into battonets ( 6mm x 6mm x 6cm ). Place the cut apples in cold water and leave covered to prevent oxidization. Apples may be cut to your preference. Take your fresh fennel and chop off the root. With your knife cut the fennel into 7mm slices at the bulb.


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