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WATCH: This restaurant is helping refugees become chefs

Emma's Torch serves up delicious food prepared by refugees as part of their culinary training!

31 Aug 2018

Some feel good news - this trendy Brooklyn restaurant is helping refugees become chefs in the United States. We all know that finding a job isn't easy and even more so when you’re a refugee. This is where Emma’s Torch steps in. Besides teaching refugees English and offering them culinary training, Emma’s Torch also helps with interview preparation. This way Emma's Torch is able to empower refugees through culinary training.

Yelp Brooklyn on Twitter

Excited to support this amazing cause! @emmastorch (@ Elite Dinner at Emma's Torch) #Yelp #Yelfie

Hannah Goldfield on Twitter

Any time is a good time to eat at Emma's Torch, where they serve "New American cuisine-prepared by our new American students," but the best time is when they're having a ticketed graduation dinner, featuring dishes from each student's home country

olivia snaije on Twitter

How great: Emma's Torch, where refugees from all over the world are paid a salary to receive culinary training and then get help finding a job: @EmmasTorch

UNHCR United States on Twitter

The newest restaurant in Brooklyn - Emma's Torch - has a mission beyond serving seasonal fare - it doubles as a training program for refugees ??????? via @EaterNY

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