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WATCH: This restaurant has 3D animations displayed on your dinner table

A fun interactive dining experience!

15 Aug 2018

If you ever wondered how your food is made when you go out to dinner, then you would love this restaurant.  This restaurant uses 3D animation to create an optical illusion right in front of you on your dinner table.

You can watch the world’s smallest chef, dubbed Le Petit Chef make delicious meals right before your eyes. 

After a YouTube video of this thumb-sized chef went viral a woman decided to host a pop-up restaurant in Dubai titled Dinner Time Story: In The Footsteps of Marco Polo. It has now found it's home in London. 

This amazing story is an exciting culinary tour with table-top chefs as your guide and brings your eating experience to life! 

And according to Roaming Required guests enjoy a six course meal, five of which are a surprise, "diners choose their main course at the start of the night.  Complimenting the meal is a wine and cocktail pairing, with or without alcohol at the diners request.”

This has definitely made it onto on our bucket-lists! 


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