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WATCH: Meet the woman who makes food with bugs

Gross or delicious? This picky eater has found delicious new ways to incorporate bugs into her daily diet!

15 Aug 2018

Eating bugs is known as entomophagy and there are many benefits to having bugs as part of your eating requirements.

In some countries, bugs are a prized delicacy and according to The Washington Post, eating bugs could save the environment - “Insect protein is catching the attention of environmentally minded consumers because it treads more lightly on the planet than protein from the animals we're more accustomed to eating — cows and pigs and chickens.”

Countries like Thailand eat grasshoppers and ant eggs usually seasoned and deep fried before being served to consumers.

Ghanaians eat termites as their main source of protein when food is scarce during summer times. The insects can be fried, roasted or even used to make bread.

There are even bug food products on the market like the super food cricket flour this is great if you’re trying to get all your vitamins and proteins in and it can be mixed into your usual baking flour or salad dressings.

Eating bugs even has some good recommendations on Twitter:

Bug_tasting_bot on Twitter

Insect cuisines of Kansai insect-eating festival in 2017.

WCVB-TV Boston on Twitter

Researchers believe eating this bug could go a long way in helping your gut health


Cricket flour is the future please stop fighting progress and just start eating bugs

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