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WATCH: Jollof rice from West Africa to the world

by: Rentse Khiba | 30 Jul 2018

If you haven’t tasted jollof rice then you are definitely missing out on one of the best takes on rice.

It’s called party rice for a reason, jollof rice is popularly enjoyed on Sundays, at weddings birthdays, celebratory events and is HUGE in West Africa.  

There are so many ways to make this quick, easy dish and usually feature basic ingredients such as rice, stock water, tomatoes, onions and lots of flavouring. Follow this easy recipe.

Deep fried chicken, turkey and tilapia fish are the best sides to enjoy this rice with. And it’s not jollof rice if you don’t let it the bottom burn just a little bit!

In West African countries there’s been an ongoing feud between Ghana and Nigeria on which country makes the best jollof rice, see below tweets:

Ayo ???? on Twitter

Which West African Country has the best Jollof? #jollofwars

Keri Hilson on Twitter

I mean it seems to be the type of dish each person makes their own way. Even when I was in Ghana & Naija there were variations. #JollofWars

siddhartha mitter on Twitter

Breaking #JollofWars news: Apparently Mark Zuckerberg, in Lagos, just praised Nigerian jollof. Will Ghana respond?

Seems like Nigeria is leading...



Chicken biryani

This dish is a great way to use up leftover rice or chicken.

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