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WATCH: Futuristic sushi conveyor belt and deadly poisonous Fugu fish on offer in Tokyo restaurant

World Nomads host, Miles Rowland heads to Tokyo and eats the world's most deadly fish.

12 Sep 2018

(image: iStock)

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The bustling capital of Japan is a mix of Western and Eastern cuisine at the convenience of your finger tips. Tokyo, the birthplace of sushi, has a restaurant Uobei, where your sushi order is placed on an ipad and delivered to you via a hi-tech "food" bullet train. Speedy and efficient service is imperative in this busy city which has over 89 000 restaurants, according to


Fish with a story - Abalobi is the app that helps local chefs source seafood

A locally developed app is changing the way that local chefs connect with fishermen and -women and the winner is you, the guest! by: Katy Rose | 06 Sep 2018 ALSO READ: The history behind the legend: Here's the story of La Colombe's iconic tin of tuna Founder of Abalobi, Serge Raemakers, learnt about the abundant cultural and culinary heritage by working alongside traditional fishers up and down the South African coast.

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