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WATCH: Can sound effects add flavour to a meal?

Chef Jozef Youssef explores how diners' sensory and psychological relationships with food can enhance their overall experience.

09 May 2019

(image: Getty images)

Kitchen Theory, is not your typical fine dining restaurant. It's also known as a multi-sensory design studio with a chef's table. It presents a unique meal experience that is made up of creative ingredients and gastrophysics which stimulates all the human senses.


Say hello to digital gastronomy - a mathematical method of creating and serving food

Your next meal could just be made with a 3D printer and laser. by: Robyn Brittow | 17 Sep 2018 (image: iStock) Digital gastronomy, aims to incorporate computers in a kitchen to assist chefs in having even more creative engagement in how they execute their ideas using computer technology.

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