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WATCH: A whacky ice cream maker

This cheerful ice cream maker believes anything can be turned into ice cream as long as it’s not boring!

07 Sep 2018

Matthias Münz opened his first ice cream parlour in 2012 and ever since then he has introduced some crazy but delicious ice cream flavours!

His Alice in Wonderland themed ice cream parlour overflows with 500 flavoured varieties such as beer, roasted chicken, sausage, schnitzel. These are only a few of the wild flavoured ice cream flavours you come across when making a stop for ice cream at one of his parlours. 


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Anyone fancy a pizza and guacamole scoop?


There's a new ice cream flavour on the foodie scene, and it doesn't get more savoury than this

Is this soft serve flavour pushing the boundaries of ice cream lovers' palates or answering a long awaited prayer for the mayonnaise obsessed? by: Robyn Brittow | 26 Jul 2018 (image:iStock) Yes, you probably guessed it, mayonnaise flavoured ice cream has arrived!

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