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WATCH: 90% Of our food varieties have disappeared, but we might be able to bring them back

Do you know that 100 years ago there were almost 500 different types of lettuce and now we only have 36 left?

20 Jul 2018

The decrease in food varieties is huge but luckily due to good planning there might be a way to bring back the different varieties.

What has been described as preparation for doomsday the Seed Bank in Norway holds over 1 million seed species stocked away so that they don’t become extinct the vault contains wheat, rice, beans and many other plant species.

And thanks to this great seed vault we are able to bring back those diminishing food varieties making it easier to continue growing plants that feed us.


WATCH: 10 Foods that might disappear in our lifetimes

It's scary to think but the rapid rate at which climate change is affecting our crops, means that soon we won't have some of our favourite foods around. (images: Upsplash) It's likely you didn't ever think that some of the food you currently enjoy or even adore (we're talking to you, chocolate!)

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