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WATCH: The 'Avozilla' can butter 24 slices of toast

This huge avocado is 5 times the size of a regular avo!

14 Aug 2018

Weighing in at more than a kilogram and rumoured to be the size of your head, this avocado, better known as 'Avozilla' is every avocado lover’s dream come true!

With this avo you can have as many toasted avo sarmies as you want and imagine how much guacamole you could make from one! We called dibs on it - the 'Avozilla' is native to South Africa and anybody wanting to grow it would have to first seek permission from Westfalia Fruit as it's been trademarked by the South African growers.

The Twitter streets are loving the new larger sized avo:


Shelley? on Twitter

I found an avozilla!

Sue Knights on Twitter

Holy guacamole! Look what has hit Perth- the Avozilla! Weighs 1.2kg just waiting for it to ripen now...

Tali Aualiitia on Twitter

I photoshopped what I see whenever I hear "avozilla

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the 'Avozilla' 


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