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WATCH: This city has avocado police, dedicated to fighting Mexican cartels

How far will you go to protect your fav food? Well in Mexico, avocado have their own special police task team!

22 Aug 2018

If you thought you loved avocado think again, a small Mexican city has their very own avocado police and their one and only job is to secure and protect the avocado.

According to BBC News, The city, Tancítaro is powered by avocados which are famously known as Mexico’s green gold and grows enough avocados to satisfy the demand of all of California.

With the state of Michoacán being Mexico’s largest avocado producing state and Mexico producing 45% of the World’s avocados, extra measures have been put in place to protect this product from crime.

"From 2007, armed people started coming," the mayor of Tancítaro, Arturo Olivera Gutiérrez reported to BBC.  "They started to pressure local authorities, to take control of the local police and take over the population through fear. Many people disappeared, they started killing, intimidating, taking over land."

So, residents and avocado farmers of Tancítaro decided to create a self-defense team by recruiting ex-militia along with members of the community to help manage and protect their avocado farms. The protection team is now known as the Tancítaro Public Security Force.

What other foods do you think need their own special task team, let us know in the comments below!


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