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Unicorn cakes, stuffed croissants and other 2017 baking and dessert trends you need to see

And 2016 trends that need to stay in 2016!

by: Katelyn Williams | 31 Jan 2017

Healthy trends may come and go but the one thing that will never go out of fashion is DESSERT! And while most of us are happy to eat anything that’s delicious whether it’s ‘in’ or not, it’s still exciting to see what we’ll be drooling over this year.

Prepare to lick your screen!

Stuffed croissants
The cronut is SO 2015. And so is the duffin but we’ll never stop loving flaky, buttery pastries so this year expect to see the croissant (in it’s old-fashioned crescent shape, thank you) but stuffed with absurdly decadent things! We’re already seeing this trend in Joburg at Proof Café – their raspberry mousse stuffed unicorn croissant with buttercream icing will change your life.

Unicorn everything
And speaking of unicorn croissants, this magical theme is not leaving the pastry counter anytime soon. From unicorn cakes to unicorn bark, unicorn toast and unicorn macarons, the world has gone unicorn crazy! Feed your obsession at Cape Town-based Tessa’s Bakery.

Enhanced baked goods
Globally we’ve seen a trend towards healthy eating and living, but we still want dessert (of course we do!), which means baking and treats fortified with ingredients that make them a little better for you. Additions like hemp flour, turmeric, moringa and whey protein all bump up the nutrition value while toning down the guilt. Locally we’ve got the decadent but better-for-you Skinny Scoop protein ice cream packed with whey powder.

Black desserts
Welcome to the dark side. But don’t worry, there’s ice cream! Charcoal and black desserts are going to add drama to our Instagram feeds this year – most likely as a black lash from the rainbow-everything we spent all of 2016 scrolling through! We can’t get enough of Unframed’s black sesame ice cream!

Doughnut everything!
With massive doughnut chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme opening in South Africa, our obsession with deep-fried carbs is only just getting started! But we’ll see more inventive flavours and forms line the counters - like the doughnut ice cream cones from Old Town Italy, unicorn doughnuts, doughnut ice cream sandwiches – oh, and doughnut walls are said to be huge at weddings this year!

A taste of summer. #OldTownItaly #MakingMemories

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‘Wake and Cake’
We’ve been eating cake for breakfast for years – but at least it’s now socially acceptable!  With recent studies linking dark chocolate to better brain functionality, adding it to your morning meal is said to boost cognitive functioning, abstract reasoning, memory and focus. So tuck into that chocolate slab or cake, you know, for your health!

Craft gin takes to the plate
2016 was the year of craft gin in South Africa and 2017 will be the year it moves from the glass to our dessert plates. Chef Gregory Czarnecki of Waterkloof Restaurant is setting the trend with this magnificent gin-marinated grapefruit, bergamot jelly, citrus crémeux, carrot glass, timut pepper dessert.

Ethical indulgence
This year we’ll all be focusing on the effects our guilty pleasures have on both the environment and the people who make them. We’ve already seen this trend growing with environmental concern over the production of palm oil and it will continue to grow and expand into indulgences like chocolate and coffee. Locally, brand new bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Afrikoa is the first to pioneer Direct Trade cocoa in South Africa paying the farmers 300% more than what they usually earn.

Dessert trends that need to stay in 2016 are...

Matcha-flavoured anything
2016 was a good year for matcha – we saw it in everything from ice cream to cheesecake, but let’s be honest, at R400 for a small 40g stash, it doesn’t have much bang for it’s buck. Good thing our very own local Moringa is taking off where it left off. Same gorgeous green colour, MUCH cheaper, equally as healthy and even better, proudly African!

Elevated toast
Guys, it’s just toast - pretty toast – but still toast.

Deconstructed coffee
I don’t know about you, but when I go out for a coffee, the whole point is that someone else is doing all the work. DIY coffee can stay in 2016 thanks!

Smoothie bowls
Can we all just agree that smoothies are WAY more practical in a glass? Glad we settled that.

Freakshakes are dead
You know the trend is dead when the chain restaurants start making them. Rest in peace Freakshakes, we loved you!

Consol jarred everything
From salads to cake to freakshakes, last year we were served any kind of possible food in a Consol jar. It was cute then but this year, can we just not? #WeWantPlates

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