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The fascinating history behind some of the world's most iconic desserts

Ever wondered what the story is behind your fav dessert? We have some answers!

06 Jul 2018
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Dessert is always an option, every single one you encounter should be absolutely delicious. So delicious that they leave you feeling like you've just had a party in your mouth.

In the Middle Ages rich people treated themselves to desserts like jelly, wafers and preserved fruits and according to Local Histories, rice pudding was considered a medicine up until the 19th century. Apparently it was good for digestive illnesses. Imagine... dessert for medicine? we would be 'sick' all the time then, but we are so glad the world caught on and now we are able to enjoy rice pudding whenever we want.

Lucky for us, not only are these desserts affordable, divine and sweet but these are a few of the desserts that you are sure to find anywhere in the world.

Ice-Cream: China

This chilled Summertime favourite was invented in China. It was made when King Tan of Shang got 94 ice men to make a dish featuring buffalo milk, flour and camphor. It is also reported by BBC that a mixture of milk and rice was frozen using snow and was served as a treat.

Carrot Cake: United Kingdom

Carrot cake is the only vegetable cake we will ever eat. Carrot cake rose to fame in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. With sugar being rationed, bakers were encouraged to use carrots as a sweetener.

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Trifle: England and America

Originally invented in England, trifle became a favourite dessert in America during the 1700s. Americans modified the recipe in two ways, using stale cake rather than fresh and changing its name to Tipsy Parson due to the high amount of alcohol in it. It is also a popular Christmas pudding around the world.

Tiramisu: Italy

Tiramisu, true to its name is the perfect “pick-me-up” created by the owner of Le Beccherie, after she needed a “pick me up” following the birth of her son. She later returned to the restaurant, working with the pastry chef and created a creamy, layered dessert that we have all grown to love as tiramisu.

Cheesecake: Greece

One of our biggest guilty pleasures is cheesecake; baked or refrigerated, cheesecake always has the perfect texture and tastes absolutely delicious. According to, the creamy treat originated in Greece and because it was considered a great source of energy, it was served to Olympians! From simple ingredients; flour, wheat, honey and cheese, to what we know now... each of us has our own take on the best way to make this delightful dessert.


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