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FOOD QUIZ: How well do you know your South African food?

See how much you know about SA heritage food!

15 Sep 2016

Every year on 24th September we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa. And although many of us are familiar with our own direct heritage and the food that comes with it, the melting pot that is Mzanzi-Afrika means that we are also part of the rainbow nation culture which incorporates so many more cultural food rituals and celebrations.

Test your knowledge in the quiz below to see how much you know about the food of South Africa.

1. What is chakalaka?

2. What is the classic accompaniment to braaied snoek?

3. Name the small South African town in which Ouma Rusks were first baked.

4.  Bokkoms refer to salted fish that is dried by the wind and then eaten. True or false?

5. What is a Hertzoggie?

6. What is the popular spice that is traditionally sprinkled on the top of a melktert?

7. What does the term “shisa njama” refer to?

8. What type of meat is used for the making of the traditional South African dish tomato bredie?

9. What SA beer was the fastest growing beer in the world in the year 2013?

10. What popular treat is made from deep-fried dough, soaked in cold syrup and shaped to resemble a braid?

11. What prominent spice gives biltong its unique flavour?

12. What is the Cape Malay deep-fried snack called, which is made by deep-frying a spicy ball of dough?

13.  What animal and part of the body does a “smiley” refer to?

14. What famous South African pudding was named after a Springbok Rugby Player?

15. What animal part is used for the preparation of the traditional South African dish called Mala Mogodu?

16. What type of dish is the city of Durban most well-known for?

17. What is the traditional name for samp and beans?

18. What type of alcoholic beverage is the popular South African drink Umqombothi?

19. What 3 distinct flavours does the Cape Malay dish, boeber contain?

20. What SA brandy is officially the Best Brandy in the World?

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