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Google reveals that pickled fish at Easter is popular in more areas than just the Western Cape

The tangy vinegar-preserved seafood dish is a staple at Easter time, and for those who don't believe it, read this!

15 Mar 2018

(image: Quinten de Graaf Unsplash)

What would life be like without a search engine? (We'll give you a brief moment to ponder that...)

Ever played around this Google Trends? It can reveal so much about what people are searching for. For instance last year we were super surprised to learn that malva pudding was more popular than Peppermint Crisp tart and with Easter around the corner, the debate surfaces again about whether or not pickled fish is actually an Easter 'thing'. We're here to show that it is. And Google proves it! 

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Take a look at the number of searches the term, 'pickled fish' generated in 2017 and at what time of the year (the graphs take a bit of time to load so just be patient). 

Now here's where it gets interesting - the most searches came from the Northern Cape. This is intriguing because for so long it's been a common belief that the tradition of eating pickled fish at Easter was a Cape (and more specifically a Malay) custom. Could the pickled fish phenomenon be spreading into the hinterland? 

We're also pretty sure that those who are of the Cape Malay heritage don't need to Google how to make pickled fish because it's considered such a special sacred recipe that's passed down through the generations. 

On the subject of recipes, we've gathered some of the best pickled fish recipes on Food24 for you so take a look and maybe give one a go this year if you haven't tried cooking it before. 


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