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5 Winter foods we are totally on board with

Dust off all your soup pots and start cranking up the oven - it's getting chilly out there!

15 May 2019

The seasons have turned and in the southern hemisphere we're gearing up for the chilly months of Winter. Stocking up on hot chocolate and purchased a cosy new scarf isn’t the only prep you need to do. Winter’s also the time when we instinctively swap salads and smoothies for food that’s more soul-soothing and comforting. 

We bring you the latest in Winter food trends.

1. Plant-based and nutrient-dense pairings

Instead of enjoying your grilled steak with a mountain of fries, restaurants are now extending their menus with side options that celebrate the nourishing veggie. This includes everything from Brussels sprout chips, carrot mash and charred whole broccoli to beetroot hummus and cabbage slaw with a light and zingy vinaigrette. 

TRY: Butter bean, pea and feta hummus with bagel crisps

2. Bowl food 

Gone are the days of just eating soup or pasta out of a deep bowl. We've been bombarded with Buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, burrito bowls and poké bowls, but winter calls for something a little heartier and more comforting. Think steaming brothy ramen bowls; braised meat on soft polenta; spicy coconut curry noodle bowls; or even a gluten-free grain bowl for breakfast. 

Have you tried the moreish noodle bowls at Mugg & Bean

TRY: Vegan banana bread millet porridge

3. Versatile use of spices

In the last five years, turmeric has catapulted to hero superfood status, but other exciting spice mixes are also now generating a buzz. Think za'atar, the popular Middle Eastern mix made using oregano, thyme, sumac, ground sesame seeds and salt. Also arriving on the scene is warming spices like cardamom, cumin and cinnamon being used often in both sweet and savoury dishes.


TRY: Potato and cauliflower aloo gobi 

4. Fire 

Chefs and restaurateurs have gone back to the basics by using this ancient cooking method. Head to one of these five live-fire spots in Joburg for some fiery action! 

5. Humble root veggies are given the limelight

Up until fairly recently, vegetables like carrots and parsnips have had a somewhat déclassé image. That's changed, with top-end restaurants giving them pride of place on the plate and sometimes even creating entire menus around them. 

TRY: 5 root vegetable side dishes that steal the show every time


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